Interpath Pty Ltd is a globally successful Australian company based in Ballarat Victoria and are the makers of the Sashas™ Range. The company has medical and veterinary health divisions, and is an industry leader specializing in the scientific research and development for the treatment of tissue and cellular inflammation.

Sashas™ Club - Success Stories

Koko- Ruptured Ligament

I have a 10 year old Alaskan malamute named Koko.

I have been using Sasha's Blend since she had her second surgery for ruptured ligaments in her back legs. The first surgery was two years previous.

She is doing amazing and is back to climbing stairs and jumping up on the Counter.

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Abby and Truffles

My name is Ed George of Swisspaws Inc and I am a Bernese mountain dog breeder as well as operate a public kennel facility. My old girl Abby has had back and backend problems ever since she got caught up in quicksand at 2 years of age. My younger girl Truffles fell off the bed and did some cruciate damage. When talking to the vet we were told that Abby had arthritis and Truffles was looking at a cruciate operation.

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Denver- Joint Stiffness

Sashas Blend is unbelievable.

We have a nine year old Australian Sheppard, Denver, who was having difficulty getting up in the morning and would not even run anymore.

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Finchley is 15 years old and I have had him since he was a puppy. He is a Border Collie, Shepherd mix, and he developed very shaky back legs about 7-8 years ago, which I would attribute to the beginnings of arthritis.

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Tyler- Broken Leg and Arthritis

"Two years ago, our 5 year old, healthy, athletic dog broke his front left leg jumping for a balloon. He had three surgeries, two plates, a bone infection, and because the break was so close to the joint, destined to have very severe arthritis.

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Storm- Arthritis

Storm is a 15 year old Shepherd Lab mix who we have had since 1994 when he was 6 weeks old. In late 2003 we noticed that he was beginning to have problems walking or standing for any length of time due to arthritis in his hind legs.

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Kia- Joint Stiffness

Kia is a two and a half year old male puggle with minor joint problems.He had stiffness when waking up from a nap and his back legs were starting to crack.

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Thunder- Hip Displaysia

My family and I wanted to adopt a dog and decided that for our first one we would do well with a Labrador.

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Within 6 days on Sashas Blend, August was getting around without any pain or discomfort........

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Roper and Sam

Roper is a 2 time Canadian National Agility Champion who is sponsored by Sasha's Blend......

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Within a week on Sasha's Blend Monty was walking normally again ...


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I cannot say enough about Sasha's Blend and it’s wonderful affect on Honey ...

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He now has a spring in his step and doesn’t appear as wobbly or as stiff ...

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I am so very happy with Sasha's Blend...

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Peanut is a Golden Retriever. He is now 14.5 years old, which is getting up there for a goldie. About a year ago

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We have been giving Kaos Sasha's Blend since he was 8 weeks of age

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Has been wimpering with pain from her swollen front leg when she tried to walk. She now enjoys her Sasha's Blend in cookies.

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Ralph was only 18 months old at the time of his hip dysplasia diagnosis. We knew there was something wrong as he was

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Bessie & Holly

We have had the most phenomenal success using Sasha's Blend

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I want to thank you for helping my Lucy enjoy her retired years from sport

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Reece was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at just 3 years of age

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I want to thank you for saving my darling dog..........Thank you I love you for mixing this brilliant brew, a great testament to your product!!!!

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Maggie Mae

I got Maggie nearly four years ago from an animal shelter, believe it or not someone didn't want her. They thought she was then 7 or 8 years so I guess now she is about 11 or 12 years...

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I use, and have been using for over a year and a half now, Sasha's Blend on my Border Collie's meal each morning.

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She gets very excited of the littlest of things - which is how she hurt her hip , back left - the first time

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