Interpath Pty Ltd is a globally successful Australian company based in Ballarat Victoria and are the makers of the Sashas™ Range. The company has medical and veterinary health divisions, and is an industry leader specializing in the scientific research and development for the treatment of tissue and cellular inflammation.

Sashas Flexi ™ is the new medicated bite containing Sashas Blend. The all natural marine concentrates work at the site of joint problems by treating the illness not the symptoms. Sashas Flexi has been developed for ease of application whilst maintaining the integrity and quality of the ingredients which has been synonimous with the Sashas brand.

Sashas Flexi™ assists in keeping your dog active, pain free and healthy!


Sashas Flexi™

Sashas Blend™ is now one of the best researched joint health treatments in the world!!

The unique new medicated bite is extremely palatable and has been developed to maintain the low calorific intake of the Sashas Blend™. The medicated bites can be utilised as a reward and owners can be confident they are providing their pet with a reward that is beneficial to the pets health.

Sashas Flexi comes in a 200g tub containing approximately 160 bites.



Disclaimer: The claims made on this website regarding Interpath and Sashas Blend™ products may not necessarily comply with specific country regulatory requirements. Please refer to the registered label in your country.








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