Interpath Pty Ltd is a globally successful Australian company based in Ballarat Victoria and are the makers of the Sashas™ Range. The company has medical and veterinary health divisions, and is an industry leader specializing in the scientific research and development for the treatment of tissue and cellular inflammation.



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The Sashas™ website is aimed at providing you with information on the Canadian Sashas™ product range and gives you the opportunity to become part of the Sashas family through Sashas Club, where animal lovers can share their amazing Sashas stories and read about other peoples experiences.

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PetPlan and PetCare insurance policies will now cover Sashas Blend products in most cases, when prescribed by a veterinarian

Sashas Blend is PROVEN to address the 4 key needs to be a complete joint health treatment.
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Check out our fun and animal friendly recipes on the Sashas Recipes Page filled with information on how to make healthy treats for your pet. You can add Sashas™ powder to any of the recipes.  You may also have a great recipe you want to share with us!

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Sashas Blend™
Sashas Blend™

The #1 selling Joint Health & Arthritis treatment in Australasia....
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The Sashas™ range is available over the counter from most veterinary clinics throughout Canada

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