feature article:
rough sketches
  • these layout systems appeared to be the most clear and easy to navigate through
  • good balance between imagery and text
  • can be altered to accommodate more space for either easily
digital layouts
final layouts
  • Visually pleasing balance between both pages of the spreads
  • Infographics provide important information while still fitting into the theme of the spread, and also work well with the imagery
  • The font choices create a clear, strong hierarchy that is easily readable
type only
imagery only
  • Through using images only, I wanted to represent the fact that male victims feel trapped, and often go ignored or hidden due to the stigma surrounding domestic violence against men
  • By using a darker colour scheme, with one accent colour, it causes the images to be more direct and the subject matter to be taken more seriously
  • It was a challenge to use pathos and effectively evoke emotion through typography only
  • I also found that using a familiar phrase was powerful in making the public feel emotionally connected to the issue I was talking about
  • By changing “home is where the heart is” to “home is where the hurt is”, I was able to create a strong heading that used the idea of pathos while still conveying my issue effectively

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